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The artists: Mamadou NDIAYE "THIA"


Aged 39 years, THIA THIA as his friends call him, is linked to the sea in two ways through his family. His father is a Lebou (the people of the sea who live on the Dakar peninsula) and his mother is from the Serere Niominka people who live in the islands of the Saloume.

Mamadou settled in the historical centre of Dakar, the 'Plateau'. He used the geographical and morphological term 'Plateau' to inspire the name of his art workshop 'TEAUPL'ART'. See his self-presentation here (video).

You sense the man of the sea when looking at his works. On practically all his paintings we have seen, we discovered a man who takes inspiration from and expresses himself around themes connected to the sea, cultural values and specifically those of Lebou culture.


The themes derived from Lebou tradition are the famous dance "ndeup", the priestess, the link between certain Lebou songs and those of other African people of the sea, the origin of traditional wrestling and its relation to the sea, all these inspire Mamadou NDIAYE "THIA" profoundly in his artistic expression.

In his workshop, he reveals his art expressions with TEAUPL’ART, FESMIR and TEAUPLASSIKO.

TEAUPL’ART is the discovery of children with arts talents and who have not necessarily succeeded at school. The basic idea is to provide them with artistic skills, in artisanal activities and in music in order to make them fit at an early age to cope with jobs they can already exercise.





The apprenticeship is focused on plastic arts, sculpture and glass paintings.

For artisanal skills, the focus is on batics, making bags and recycling material to produce art objects (e.g. lamp shades from calabasses).
































TEAUPLASSIKO is in turn the musical part of Mamadou NDIAYE THIA's activities.

He always involves children (historical photo provided by THIA).












TEAUPLASSIKO is teaching children how to make music 'ASSIKO', which saw the day at the abolition of slavery, affirms Mamadou NDIAYE "THIA".

In Senegal as well as in Nigeria and Ghana the same term ASSIKO is being used, while in The Gambia and in Guinea, COUCOU is used instead (historical poto provided by THIA).











The instruments used in this type of music are for the most part recycled objects.















FESMIR is a festival initiated by Mamadou NDIAYE "THIA" in the framework of his multiple activities. It is a space of diverse expression and an opening for all those taking advantage and participating.



















Mamadou's project with the children started on the beach.

His dream was to set up a centre in ANSE BERNARD. But for lack of space he had to give up this location and set up the AIGLO workshops in town.

It is here that he regrouped his different activities in one company: AFRICA ART CULTURE (two historical photos provided by THIA).


























Mamadou can pull other registers too! He is also a man of the cinema and his exceptional relation with Moustapha NDOYE, the director of 'Combat for the sea', has been the most significant for him.

He ensured the film decoration of 'RIMBO POUR RAMBO' of film producer JEANTELE.

His all-round talent enabled him to be an anchoraman at TV5, director of 'TGV' by Moussa TOURE, decorator of a film turned in Mali and a comedian actor in "HYENES" of Djibril DIOP MAMEBETTY.








During the meeting, Mamadou expressed strong appreciation for the Mundus maris Initiative and its Mare Nostrum - The voice of West Africa project.