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Mundus maris addresses critical issues about reconnecting to the ocean and to each other, about healing the damage done and about blending different ways of making sense of the world and the ocean through the sciences and arts.

Let's dare to innovate! Let us together create new opportunities for enjoying the beauty of the ocean, its creatures and the maritime cultures and to protect them from the many threats affecting their health. Let's seize the opportunities together!

"We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims."

R. Buckminster Fuller


If you would like to see rich and healthy marine ecosystems, prosperous coastal communities, information and preventive action against marine pollution through plastic and climate change, support our activities!

As a charity, we rely completely on money donated to us, so every contribution is greatly appreciated!

A regular monthly transfer to Mundus maris would be a great help to secure our bottom line and enhance our capacity to respond to growing needs and demands for protecting the ocean.

A one-off financial contribution would also be most welcome.

Please make your transfer to:

IBAN: BE54 0688 9178 6297 BIC: GKCCBEBB

Beneficiary: Mundus maris asbl 

Belfius Bank, Rue de Linthout 224, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Rest assured: No matter the size, your donation will make a difference.

You can show your appreciation for what Mundus maris does by donating your time and enthusiasm! The association and its work are powered entirely by volunteers, so any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. You can volunteer your time in a number of ways: