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The artists: Tamsir Diogou SECK

Walking from the Socio-Cultural Centre to Tamsir Diogou SECK's workshop, Carla and Stefan took in the atmosphere of a part of Hann and some photos to share these impressions of the mix of robust structures and works in progress.

Running water is not available in most individual households, though there is freshwater in the immediate proximity of the sea.










Our route took us past a covered market with its different stands.














Houses are mostly built in stone and have electricity, but roads are not paved.














Images of spiritual leaders or other decorations adorn some houses.














Like his friend THIA, Tamsir Diogou SECK has introduced us to his works.

The two have collaborated in the past, as we discovered when visiting Tamsir in his quarters in Hann.

He explains his engagement to protect the Bay of Hann through his paintings, which centre on the rich themes drawn from cultural life and practices of the riparian population of the Bay.





Have a look at his workshop.












Another important theme for his art work is to approach clandestine emigration from different angles. In the following we show three paintings from this line of work.













Since a long time, Tamsir Diogou SECK is engaged in this battle involving also the primary schools in the coastal villages.














This is why Tamsir is very interested in the Mundus maris Initiative and more specifically its Mare Nostrum - A voice for West Africa project.

For this young artist, the project merits support from the people of the sea.

Tamsir offers his comments on the Mare Nostrum project. (video)