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  • The Project "Mare Nostrum - Space for dialogue and diversity" intents to go towards an aesthetic formation :

Aesthetic Formation - appropriated to the Project Mare Nostrum means the training of the senses and the preparation to become able for better conceptual cognition. 'Visual thinking' - as universal language - is the principle in the processes of transformation, realisation, communication and mediation.

  • The Project should start with the school network in West Africa, experienced first in Senegal, with an exemplary methodology:

The main methodological objective is to prepare the young people that they become able to develop the Project in autonomy; it should become their project = their identification, in which they become capable in modelling and communicating - with the most diverse means - autonomously the singular voices of their environments.

How to go about this? The initiator, together with the Mundus maris coordinator for West Africa, will only provide through a methodological guideline the tools enabling the young people to express the essential roots of their living space in relationship to the sea - and finally to develop their own point of view.

The methodology is determined by the work in progress itself that will be set in motion – step by step - by motivating impulses, developed precisely with the growing experience in the region, beginning from the first immersion of the project initiator in Senegal onwards.

  • The Project embraces two cycles - and will be introduced by the initiator and the local coordinator - in an exemplary way - in the region itself:

First cycle: Collective Memory

The collection of the memories, related to the surrounding sea

The identification

Second cycle: Collective Consciousness

Find an own visualized position in relation to the research results - mediated by the various scientific modules.

Each cycle should conclude with a manifestation in an appropriated place in West Africa.

The photos on this page are courtesy respectively, Nduwhite Ahononu Ndubuisi, taken May 2010 on the beach of Soumbedioune, near Dakar (above), Stefan Karkow, taken June 2010 in the fish vending area in Hann (below).