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Hann - The fisher women

Right at the beach in the Bay of Hann, next to the pier, the dynamic fisher women  dominate the postharvest activities within the fisheries sector.

They practice some division of labour and one distinguishes, among others, fish processors, women taking off the scales of the fish and those removing the guts and cleaning the fish ready for consumption as fresh fish or freezing. The most important activity is, of course, the marketing.

The extended family of Yacine NDAW is  among those involved in the fishery, processing and marketing. This is what she has to say (in Wolof) (video).







We have met Yacine NDAW, called DIAL, in a family-type setting, where she introduced us to her collaborators. It is women like them ensuring the principal part of the marketing of the fish, which they acquire fresh from the pirogues, when they come to shore. The photo shows Yacine's group with Carla and Ibrahima Seck in the middle.

The women are known for their good organisation and the vendors work hand in hand with those taking off the scales and prepare the fresh product for the clients.

The a short sequence of pictures shows the surroundings (video).






One of the fisher women proudly showing a big descaled catch for sale.















A close-up of two of the women of Yacine's group.

The women also talked about the growing problem of getting enough fish to run their business - they are among the first to feel the results of overfishing.

They also have to cope all the time with changing demands of the market. This is particularly important given that fish is so perishable, particularly in the hot climate of Greater Dakar and that fish landed at the pier of Hann is mostly marketed fresh or frozen.









A close up of another group member active in the postharvest sector of the fishery.

Watch the setting (video) of the landing and market place boardering the sea in the Bay of Hann.