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THE MEDIATION - The conclusive Manifestations

The first cycle "Collective Memory" should conclude with a manifestation in Dakar that connects the Voices of connects the Voices of West Africa with the outside world; e.g. with the "Haus der Kulturen" (House of Cultures) in Berlin, Germany, the Goethe Institute in Rome or Brussels, the "MOA" - Museum of Anthropology ("New Arts - Across Cultures") in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Together with local artisans, we construct an African tent to host the different voices – and together with the involved young people, artists (visual, sound, literature), scientists, fishermen and women - we connect the voices that have manifested themselves to the outside world.

The Motivation for the idea to construct an African tent to host the different voices of West Africa

Says Carla Zickfeld: "When I met Aliou Sall the first time at Amsterdam in July 2009 in occasion of the first face-to-face meeting of the Mundus maris Initiative, he showed me the photo of the school director's office in Kayar. At this very moment I imagined already that it would be important in the future to mediate the authentic realities when we go on together on the road of intercultural exchange."

This manifestation will provide the experience to think about the manner and the place of the manifestation that should conclude the second cycle "Collective Consciousness".