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Hann - The landing pier and beach

The Bay of Hann is one of the busiest artisanal landing places. This is no surprise given the proximity to a market like Dakar.














The arrival of the pirogues is always a colourful event.















But it would be a mistake to put it away as simply pituresk or folklore - it's tough work and mostly successful business and a way of living nurtured by a strong culture of the people of the sea.













Part of the catch gets swiftly taken away to retailers in Dakar - by eco-transport on horse-drawn carts; though the means of transport is probably chosen more for economic rather than ecological consideration.












Another part of the freshly landed product gets immediately retailed next to the pier.















It would also be a mistake to frame the relationship between the artisanal and (often foreign) industrial fleets only as competitive and conflictual.

Here is a case of complementarity: the Japanese tuna hook and line vessel is waiting for the pirogues to deliver live bait fish.

When spotting a group of tuna, these small schooling fish will be released to get the tuna into a feeding frenzy. In this state, the tuna will concentrate within reach of the fishing vessel and can be caught more easily with hook and line. This way, the quality of the product is superb.