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Hann - the natural park

The well-known traditional fishing village of Hann is only some 7 km away from Dakar. The administrative district was constituted in 1996, ideally situated in a bay with three kilometers of beach, which also contains a nature park. The park has since been rehabilitated and now contains a lake and other anemities. The inhabitants are actively involved in its preservation.

The park in Hann has its origins more than 100 years ago to meet several needs. The most important was the provision of freshwater for Dakar and the island of Gorée. The closeness of Hann to Dakar and its marshy character led to the drilling of wells starting in 1900.

Its official name is Parc Forestier et Zoologique. It still covers six hectares out of the original 73 hectares set aside. A short history of the park (French) can be seen here.




Ibrahima, Carla and Tamsir seeking shadow in one of the pavillons.














The park contains a colony of nesting pelicans.

















View of a pavillon with the typical reed roof.