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THE REALISATION - Collective Memory & Collective Consciousness


The first Cycle - Collective Memory

During the second immersion in West Africa - as soon as the budget will be secured – the Initiator, together with the local coordinator, would engage in 'introducing' the different themes of the first cycle "Collective Memory" in an exemplary way:

  • Where we are living - Our Sea as part of 'our world'

  • Symbolisms of our Sea

  • The songs about our Sea

  • The stories, the poetry of our Sea

  • The art and handicraft inspired by our Sea

  • The 'cuisine' inspired by our Sea

  • Our study of the Sea

Each group should have a still-to-be-defined number of panels in a still-to-be-defined format at its disposal and the means to realise a sound and a visual CD installation.

The equipment of the schools

All participating groups should be equipped in the same way and should have Internet access to develop their 'home' presentation within the web page of the Initiative.

The internet presence should be realized with programmes that allow easy handling.

From the first immersion in West Africa, the initiator will implement the project in an exemplary way. That involves preparing the young people for being able to visualize the approaches and to go then further autonomously - step by step.

Each visualized step should be communicated in a synthetic way on the web page.

Second Cycle - Collective Consciousness

The principles would be the same as in the first cycle - but until its start the various scientific modules about the modules about the fisheries and coastal resources in the region should be available on the web page. Several publications about the resource situation are already available, some of which are written for a general public.