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THE PERSPECTIVE - the Network of Solidarity

After the first steps, the initiator could already start to activate potential partners - embedded in the 'Network of Solidarity' Intercultural exchange - for future connection of Mare Nostrum / Senegal with the First Nations of the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, Canada:

  • This manifestation will provide the experience to think about the manner and the place of the manifestation that should conclude the second cycle "Collective Consciousness".

- by connecting the final Manifestation in Dakar of Mare Nostrum with a new section of the Anthropological Museum in Vancouver "New Art Across Cultures".

- by an artist-exchange with those artists in coastal West Africa and coastal British Columbia who are interested in our wide objectives.

- by involving people of important scientific research Institutions and environmental NGOs of high public and professional standing to collaborate on the following arguments:

- Climate change - How humanity can adapt

- Relevant scientific knowledge on climate change - the mediation in the school network

- Developing the consciousness of environmental coastal risks.

  • Collaboration with academics, universities, specialised institutes operating at international level and interested and competent in the concepts of mediation, for example multimedia publication.

  • After the first cycle of Mare Nostrum, collaboration with universities, notably faculties of art pedagogy should reflect principally about the aesthetic formation proposed and experienced in the project Mare Nostrum: including what it means to integrate the aesthetic formation module 'Mare Nostrum' in their curriculum.