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Hann - The Socio-Cultural Centre

The Socio-cultural Centre Hann is a public institution which combines training offers of different types, cultural and social activities. It is used by people of different age groups, but young people and women are particularly frequent users.












Ibrahima SECK is the manager of the Centre's informatics training. Ibrahima works with the National Agency for the education of young people and makes sure that the ten computers of the cyber centre part are always in good order. See his short self-presentation (video).

Among its manyfold activities, the Socio-cultural Centre Hann offers introductions to an intelligent use of the internet. This training is much in demand by young people, but many women also take the introductory course in order to stay in touch with latest developments. See for yourself Ibrahima's video with explanations about the offers at the centre.

The spacious hall for theatre presentations (video) and other cultural events (to the right) is just one of the many facilities offered by the Centre. It is one of the social meeting points of the village of Hann, which is now part of greater Dakar.


A quite different type of activities fostered by the Centre is the micro-garden project (video), where women are introduced to appropriate forms of urban gardening.

Growing vegetables is a lucrative activity close to a major centre of consumption, so it is not surprising that between 600 and 800 women have participated in the training and stay in touch with latest developments thanks to the Centre.

This is a collaborative activity with the City of Milan in northern Italy.

Milan is planning the forthcoming EXPO 2015 as an alternative to conventional world exhibitions by putting different expressions of sustainable living right at the heart of the EXPO concept. The partnership with Hann might be an experimental field of new types of relations based on sustainability principles.



The photo shows the entrance to the micro-garden project training area.














Among the cultural activities happening in the Centre is Mamy's dance group.














It mobilises youngsters to practice the Lebou dance choreography accompanied by the traditional drums.










Click here to see it for yourselves live (video).












Mamy's dance group is also practicing on the beach.















Here are two sequences, actively followed by onlookers, young and old, who find the drum rythms going to their feet and the sound of the waves in the background.










Video 1 with Lebou choreography.


Video 2 with Lebou choreography.