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Hann - CEM (Secondary School)

The well-known traditional fishing village of Hann is only some 7 km away from the centre of Dakar.

The principal of the secondary school (CEM - Collège d'enseignement moyen) is Mr. DIOUF.













The visit at the school is a continuation of work already started by Ibrahima SECK together with the principal and the pupils.

They have set up a working group similar to the one at the CEM in Kayar.












The Principal of the CEM in Hann, Mr. DIOUF, received us very openly allowing us to look around the establishment.














The clean buildings shaded under the trees make an attractive setting.

See also a short picture sequence on the setting of the CEM in Hann (video).












Mr DIOUF also showed us the IT room of his school, which currently has three computers.











Following the guided visit around the school, we met with the President of the pupil representation (foyer socioéducatif), Mortalla LOUME.

We had a very interesting conversation about the situation of the pupils and the working group set up with the help of Ibrahima.

Mortalla enthusiastically confirmed the commitment of the CEM Hann and his fellow pupils to participate in the project.