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Oltre 120 giovani provenienti da 10 paesi si sono ispirati alla Dichiarazione per la Giornata Mondiale dell'Oceano "L'oceano e la famiglia umana" al punto di rispondere all'invito da Mundus maris di inviare nel loro lavoro individuale o di gruppo. Sono dal Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgio, Camerun, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal e dagli Stati Uniti d'America.

Mundus maris Awards recognise works of young people from around the world, who have sent in their ideas and stories in three challenges:

  • What would you do if you were to decide on how we could care better for the Ocean? Write up a story.

  • What is your dream for the Ocean in the future? Write up a story.

  • What is your dream for the Ocean in the future? Draw up a cartoon.

In each challenge, three age groups were distinguished: up to 12 years, 13 to 18 years, 19 to 24 years. See more here

An international Jury assessing the submissions for Mundus maris Awards carefully examined all submissions. These were in English, French and Spanish. The Jury looked primarily at the strength of the idea and innovative approaches but also the technical execution. It then determined the most interesting ones and assigned prizes in the name of threatened marine animals to help get us all connected to the Ocean:

  • Special Bluefin Tuna Prize - 300 Euro
  • Sea Lion Prize - 200 Euro
  • Turtle Prize - 100 Euro
  • Shark Prize - 50 Euro
  • Samba and Kumba Encouragement Prize - 30 Euro.

The international jury was composed of experienced personalities with a commitment for youth opportunities and for exploring and protecting the ocean. Mundus maris thanks all members whole-heartedly for the wonderful work accomplished and the great care with which all jury members worked towards a consensual appreciation of the youth efforts. The members of the jury were (in alphabetical order):

  • Francesca Conti, Formica Blu, Rome, Italy
  • Cristina Dellepiane, Foreign Affairs Ministery, Argentina, former teacher
  • Frannie Léautier, former Vice-President Africa, World Bank, Tanzania/France
  • Grita Löbsack, EU interpreter, Spain/Germany
  • Anthony Mwaniki, Communications Officer, Eco Ethics Kenya
  • Doudou Ndiaye, school teacher and Assistant to the Presidency of the Republic of Senegal, assigned to the Minister, Counsellor in charge of Human Rights and Peace
  • Sandy Puleston, Director of Solid Waste Management at Monte Hermoso County, Argentina, environmental activist
    supported by Aníbal Seleme, Prof. emerit. President of the “Asociación de Graduados en Ciencias Biológicas”, Buenos Aires City, and of “Fed. de Asociaciones Profesionales
     de Graduados en Ciencias Biológicas”, Argentina
  • Jan Seys, Communications Officer, VLIZ, Oostende, Belgium

Patricia Morales of Louvain University and Board member of Mundus maris ensured the coordination.

Click here to see the description of the prize categories.