by Abibou Diop, Principal of the mid-level school (CEM) in Cayar


Since several years we, thas is the mid-level school (CEM) in Cayar, the Mundus maris Club at the CEM and these two together with other associations, are active in environment protection directly at our school, in the village and beyond.


We are taking initiatives and use a whole range of expressions of different forms of knowledge, scientific, artistic, pratical, in order to create opportunities for our young people, because we know how much a healthy and productive environment means for their future.


This is why we have organised a Culture Day in the school on 22 April 2014. This was just before the Easter break of the pupils.


The reason was the launch of socio-educational activities of the "Home School"  (Foyer Scolaire) or FOSCO.


The objective was to celebrate our partnership with the pupils of the German International School in Brussels (iDSB) in preparation of our joint participation in the competition for World Oceans Day, 8 June.


This was the occasion for taking up the issue again of protecting babyfish with the help of our mascots Samba et Kumba. We have earlier told their story and wanted to illustrate our commitment for the protection of the marine environment and its ecosystems through our cultural activities.  


We staged the foundation story of the village, because Cayar lives between the sea and the land as from its very origin. The inhabitants are becoming more conscious again of the necessary equilibrium between the two after years they have looked almost exclusively towards fisheries. But after years of  overexploitation the sea and the fisheries sector are suffering.


At the same time, the expansion of the town, the new constructions and the often illegal sand extraction threaten the forest stretching as a protective ribbon along the coast. Moreover, if the subsurface freshwater resources get overexploited as a result of intesified horticulture the entire village might suffer the consequences.


The Mundus maris Club used the Mundus maristext about "Sustainable Seas Through the Eyes of Art" as the basis for its attractive performance. A magnificent choir sang to advocate the protection of babyfish Samba and Kumba and the protection of trees.

The Municipality, the Registrar of the Marine Protected Area (MPA), academic and school authorities, pupils and students, civil authorities and the local population have all followed with interest the event.

The Principal took the opportunity to urge for greater awareness of the challenges of the marine environment and the need for involving everybody to achieve the mission of preserving our common heritage.

He then had an interview with FM Radio Cayar to witness the mobilisation of the whole school community and share the experience with the entire village and its surroundings.