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Beach clean-up by the soccer schools in Hann, Senegal

Our long-standing collaboration with the soccer schools in Hann, Senegal, allied in the 'Amicale Foot', translated again into a big beach cleaning drive on 9 June.

Not far from the fish landing area and next to one of the town districts very close to the sea the young ambitious soccer players responded to the call of their trainers including the indefatigable Babcar Ciss, better known as Gabou of Maison Foot.

They gathered in the morning, rakes, shovels and other implements provided by the 'Amicale Foot', to clean the beach thoroughly. That investment of time and muscle power was to inculcate the understanding how important it is to keep the beach and the ocean clean. It also went hand in hand with the expectation to create the conditions for a soccer tournament a few days later that promised interesting opportunities to play and train, all hoping for one of the attractive prizes announced by Mundus maris in Senegal.

Collecting the garbage for proper disposal Happy after accomplishing the clean-up