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Intense activities in Kribi, Cameroon

She did it again! Our long-standing partner in Cameroon, Jeauberte Djamou with her Volunteers for the Ocean (Bénévoles Océan) pulled off a dense programme of activities on 8 June in Kribi, the seaside resort some 180 km away from Douala.
Starting with sensitisation activities in 10 schools during April, the programme covered a large variety of activities:
• Award-Winning Contest Games
• Clean beaches tournament
• Awareness / Information campaigns
• Educational Talks
• Training workshops on plastic bottle recycling in schools.
• Cleaning of rivers and beaches
• Conferences on the theme of the year
• Presentation of prizes and Honorary Diplomas
• Fitness Walking
As a result of a mishap of the photographer, who crashed his camera, not all activities can be seen on the photos. Luckily, some of the participants had taken their mobile phones along so that a few pictures can be shown here.
Admire the recycling drive of using discarded plastic bottles collected to build seats and the roof cover to protect from the sun.