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From Puerto Piramides, Argentina, to the World

The rural school of Península Valdés will make its own book on animals and plants of the marine ecosystem of this place declared by UNESCO as world heritage.

The objective is the elaboration of a book (on paper and in pdf) on MARINE AND TERRESTRIAL fauna and flora of the Valdés Peninsula, written and illustrated by the children of the only school in the place coordinated by their teacher Rita Carrizo. The purpose is to spread awareness about the protection of the ecosystem of the peninsula and its rugged coastlines.

This book will record not only the plants and animals with which the boys and girls have almost daily contact, but it will also reflect the life and values of these boys and girls, who in many cases are the sons and daughters of artisanal fishermen, tourist guides, divers and sailors who make them aware of the need to protect species. It is one of the most wonderful places by the sea in the world. The apprentices will have a great intellectual task of observation, recording and transmission of what they observed in writing, and they will also produce unique material for the region with a childlike freshness and awareness of caring for nature on these coasts as an attitude towards life.

March-May: field trips, observations, recording of information, assembly of texts, illustrations.

June 8, World Ocean Day: School day dedicated to the marine flora and fauna, and how to take care of the sea. Sending photos to publish in Mundus maris.

July-August: layout and final design of the book. Sent to printer for publication.

September: final delivery of the book in pdf and on paper through a face-to-face event at the school with the active participation of the young authors in the preparation of poster announcements.

Mundus maris is happy to support this lovely project financially and thus continues to cooperation with Coincidir, the non-profit in Argentina, working on nature and culture protection and development. Can't wait to see the book!