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Nadine's central idea in creating her proposal for the corporate identity of Mundus maris was two-pronged: she wanted to convey an artistic image of the oceans enveloping the Earth and representing the ever-moving waves in the associated script. The planet and the sea are both open to attack and vulnerable, yet protective of one another.





The execution with a paintbrush is intended to enhance the association with the 'rough edges' of nature on the one hand and of an artistic approach on the other.

The swing of the characters and the smooth contours and colour variations mimic the eternal interplay of the waves.









Nadine's portfolio is characterised by a search for creative and uncommon images that could draw attention and stand out from the crowd and which she applies to its different components. A recurrent theme is the playful overlay of fragments of marine creatures, such as sea anemones and fishes living in community with corals, over coloured liquid dispersing haphazardly in transparent water. The effects and use of different vivid colours certainly stand out as can be seen on the back of the business card above. Next to it the more sober and functional front of the card with the name and contact details.

Other components of the portfolio include pick-up cards, stationary, note block, labels, flyer and proposed web design as well as other information and PR materials that could be used to make the Mundus maris Initiative and its activities known. Clearly, this is another coherent approach to the creation of a portfolio paying off the effort that went into all its parts.

The members of the Mundus maris Initiative congratulate Nadine Smola to her interesting solution and thank her and her tutors at the Johannes-Gutenberg Schule in Stuttgart for the excellent collaboration. We wish her every success in her next career steps after completing the final exams successfully.