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Tatjana's basic consideration in creating the logo and corporate identity graphics was that there is no life on earth without water and the oceans. When the sea around us is in good shape, then our planet is as well. Therefore, she put the sea represented by blue waves into the most prominent position in the logo. The sea envelopes the healthy, green earth. It has a protective function for our earth. We humans, with the impact we now have on even remote corners of our planet, must in turn protect the sea.

To get there had been quite a journey of trial and error in exploring forms and character sets that would fit together and convey the key message she wished to get across and at the same time leave room for the phantasy of viewers to find their own individual association with the logo.

From the thematic exploration through many sketches to a professional presentation of the finished look....

Of the wide range of components of the portfolio we show only the basic stationary below and the visiting card to the left (natural proportions not respected in the display). But there are also pick-up cards, a flyer, a mouse pad, button, games for children, a T-shirt, labels for different types of envelopes, a logo application for cars or the entry door of an office or external window, suggestions for improving the website and much more.

Should you get a letter from the Initiative, expect it to come on this stationary. 

The poll among members of the Initiative led to the choice of this proposal because of the inspiring graphic presentation of Mundus maris. We whole-heartedly congra-tulate Tatjana  for her excellent and very convincing proposal. We thank her and her tutors at the Johannes-Gutenberg Schule in Stuttgart for the rights to use the logo and comporate identity on our website and other applications.

We do hope that this logo will soon be well-established and well-known. We trust it will serve us in good stead in consoli-dating our presence on the web and in many activities in support of making our relations with the sea and the earth which we share more sustainable.

We wish Tatjana an excellent professional career and success in creating equally  attractive solutions to integrating a cause for sustainability within a professional approach.