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Good practice in teaching: The phases of the evaluation process

Methods and approaches to teach the ecosystem approach to fisheries (The Gambia)

EAF Nansen poster

Poster of the Senegambian ecosystem: big (A1), small (A4)

Fish ruler for The Gambia

Fish ruler for Senegal (french)

Monitoring and evaluation sheet for teacher satisfaction

Monitoring and evaluation sheet for learning assessment of pupils

Monitoring and evaluation sheet for school inspectors

Additional resources:

FAO, 2005. Putting in practice the ecosystem approach to fisheries. Rome, FAO

EAF-Nansen Project flyer: The Fisheries Manager and the ecosystem approach to fisheries

EAF-Nansen Project brochure: Strengthening the knowledge base for and implementing an ecosystem approach to marine fisheries in developing countries

IUCN "Knowledge Handbook - Discovering the marine and coastal environment in West Africa" prepared in the context of the Regional Environment Education Programme (PREE)

European Commission, 2005. Rebuilding our Marine Ecosystems, Protecting our Future. Brochure on Key Findings of the International Symposium on Marine Fisheries, Ecosystems and Societies in West Africa: Half a Century of Change. Dakar, Senegal, 24-28 June 2002. 24 pages.

FishBase, the global encyclopedia on all fishes (can be searched also with local names in different languages and with many other search criteria. It also offers fish identification, quizz, and much more)

SeaLifeBase, the global encyclopedia on non-fish marine organisms (can be searched similarly to FishBase)

A new website offers analytical information through the health of the ocean index. The index treats people and nature as integrated parts of the whole. The ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF): A pathway required for the preservation of the marine ecosystem according to Magueth Diop, Director of the Khadim School