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ALDEBARAN supports the initiative

The call sent out before the concert "Listen to the Pulse of the Planet" in the European Parliament is already being heard. The ALDEBARAN team, marine research and communication, in Hamburg has produced part of their underwater footage with the Goldberg Variations as sound track. There are five pieces of about 14 minutes each:

Click here for the first one (1/5).

Click here for the second one (2/5).

Click here for the third one (3/5).

Click here for the fourth one (4/5).

Click here for the fifth one (5/5).

View the videos about marine and coastal life, see some in already seriously degraded state, but others still showing at least a good part of their former glory. When you watch attentively and listen to Bach's music, you will get a sense, why protecting the oceans and restoring them to former states of health and productivity is a must.

In the face of overfishing, the global marine litter crisis and climate change this will truly require a surge of cooperation and solidarity across the globe.