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"Listen to the Pulse of the Planet!" was the call for a concert on 24 January 2013 in the Yehudi Menuhin Space in the European Parliament under the patronage of Vice President Isabelle Durant. Some 45 musicians from the European institutions and the children's choir of the European School Brussels II performed the Goldberg Variations of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The founder of the concept, Naomi Takagi, sees it as the start of a global initiative and says: "The universality, the unifying power and the healing nature of Music are acknowledged throughout the world. Music is the supreme global language, which transcends all political, cultural, religious, and ethnic orientations and touches the depths of human existence. Not only does Music inspire, support, change and improve the well-being of all who participate. It also fosters understanding, creates bonds between people, mobilizing them in large numbers even across borders, and has supported humanitarian initiatives for peace and peaceful resolutions where other means fall short.



During this time of global crisis, we recognize the importance of universal solidarity and propose to resort to Music to mobilize and engage the humankind of all ages and nationalities."

Jean Ferrard, Honorary Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels commented on the significance of Johann Sebastian Bach and his immense oeuvre, which inspired people irrespective of whether they were sharing his religious beliefs. Bach left a deep mark well beyond his contemporaries and speaks to us today through the structure and sound of his securingly structured and balanced music.

Nobody escaped the charm of the concert, which was enabled by the generosity and solidarity of many helping hands. Most importantly it relied on the musicians who, though not top professionals, took it upon themselves to face the difficult task of performing in front of a large public as a sign of their commitment to the cause. Several groups of string and wind instruments, as well as vocals alternated with the piano played by several musicians. They reflected the diversity of age, nationality, maturity and perspective the concert was intending to highlight - yet having all bound together by Bach's beautiful Goldberg variations.


The children's choir sang the final aria with Annabel Hannan from the European Parliament at the piano.

In conclusion, European Parliament Vice-President Isabelle Durant thanked Naomi Takagi, the musicians and all supporters for the beautiful moment spent together listening to the music.

She invited the audience to take the appeal of the organisers to heart: to strengthen existing and to create new initiatives so as to stand together for protecting our beautiful, yet fragile Earth.

A reception offered by the ECC group of the European Parliament allowed the sensation of calm, solidarity and resolve to do something to linger on as the audience and musicians mingled in animated discussion.

Mundus maris supports the initiative, among others, by encouraging people in different parts of the globe to join and contribute their own way of listening to the pulse of the planet.

Let's pause to get into synch again with ourselves, with each other and and with our beautiful Blue Planet.

The call has also been heard by graphic artists, who developed several posters to draw attention to the event. Here is one by Paolo Bottoni.

Others are already lining up to contribute.

Read on for more contributions.