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Meeting Abibou Diop, Principal of the CEM Kayar

The interview with women processors was preceded by a visit to the mid-level school (CEM) in Kayar. The CEM Kayar is the main institution of the community. It is located at the entrance of the village and at first glance we see that the infrastructure needed by any institution are not all available, despite the enormous space that was allocated for this purpose. This is what Mr. Abibou DIOP, Principal of the CEM, says and with whom we have had a rich conversation. He made a brief presentation of the CEM Kayar, which has been involved in many initiatives that are consistent with the protection of the environment in general and in particular the marine ecosystem, including through participation in the activities of Mundus maris since quite some time.

He reiterated his full commitment to the project Mare Nostrum, which he sees as a good opportunity to give a breath of fresh air to a vanishing culture. He also made interesting proposals in order to achieve this purpose.

He suggested the creation of a well-equipped research, training and documentation centre that would serve as the platform for environmental education and would also be a focal point to defend and promote cultural heritage.

He then explained that prior to the creation of such infrastructure training of qualified personnel would be required to ensure its sustainability.

He also suggests to seek the support of state authorities and of NGOs of all kinds who have at heart the training and research for this institution to give shape to the every good idea and to achieve its main objective, that is, spreading the message of the essential protection and management of aquatic ecosystems.

Click here for a video sequence of the conversation.