SeeArt - youth exhibition - Sciences and Arts for Sustainability

Hilden, Germany, 26 June to 17 July 2011

Together with the Municipal Gymnasium Helmholtz and the Municipal Office for Culture in Hilden, Mundus maris is organising a youth exhibition bringing together artistic reflections on the sea.

The works intended for submission to the exhibition should make clear reference to the objectives and work of "Mundus maris - Arts and Sciences for Sustainability”.

You should, therefore, approach the ocean from the perspective of sustainability. It is all about conveying the urgency of addressing the unsustainability of our dealings with the sea and creating awareness about alternatives through concrete social commitment and action.

This can be done in different ways. There could be highlights on social, regionally, nationally or globally important issues, like "overfishing", "pollution", "climate change" or "social problems" in connection with the sea, which, unfortunately, play a dominant role today.


But no one is alone in addressing these challenges and looking for alternatives. The work should therefore not be presented in isolation, but preferably grouped under a motto that each group chooses to highlight the core idea that they want communicate through their work. From the mosaic of individual work - preferably with descriptive titles - creating a complementary whole, the group forms a pictorial with and around their motto.

The reference to the sea can, of course, take various forms, which lead to a better understanding of and commitment to a respectful, sustainable use of the sea: for example, one might think of addressing the sea as a renewable resource, a source of life and as a source of inspiration.

We want to open new horizons for the participating groups, by encouraging and helping them to engage with groups in other countries. Thus, the exhibition could hopefully be experienced as a beautiful group experience. Networked thinking and experience allows to draw comparisons and open new perspectives for action.

The participation conditions are available here - for some supplementary advice click here.

Submission deadline is 2 April 2011. For questions, contact Ansgar BEER: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For ideas about presenting your group and its work, look in the section youth network. 8 June - in the run-up to the exhibition - is World Oceans Day. See the News Release here.