The journey through the exhibition Mediterraneum makes us rethink the beauty and richness we have lost by destroying them with our own hands, and continuing even now, unfortunately, as if we had learned nothing from many past lessons.

Fortunately, the exhibition offers a positive message, which evokes the power of beauty to recognise again the true value for all things, beginning with the nature and - in nature - the sea, which is the origin of everything.

The subdued though powerful environment of these millennial structures, the discreet light at the edge of twilight facilitate the visitor's immersion in the world of artistic representation, without diverting his or her attention.




The sources of inspiration provided by the sea are endless, and, paradoxically, seem to be infinite even if you choose to draw inspiration from just one of the many elements, albeit important, marine life: the fish and together with it some other creatures.

Equally, the possibilities of expression seem vast thanks also to the artistic techniques used to represent the beauty of the Mediterranean, and the seas in general.










An important part of Mediterraneum is dedicated to man's return to the sea, indeed even in the belly of its creatures.

It's a legend, found in many cultures, of the Leviathan who swallows the human being, allowing in this way his rebirth into a new awareness.












 From bronze to gold, which coats many pieces of this mosaic...

The theme in this section of the exhibition is always the same, namely the rebirth of man through the necessary acceptance of his cancellation in the primordial matter, the Sea.

Obtained by offering himself as food to the creatures, who will then in turn provide food for the body and the soul, and the strength to look towards the stars.









During winter time the sun completes its jourmey very soon.

When reluctantly leaving the exhibition, it is now dark, but the darkness seems to cloak the man-made environment in a fascinating aura of mystery. It gives that sense of life as invisible yet perceptible that comes from the depths of the seas.


Text and photos by Paolo Bottoni.