Le Quesne, W.J.F., F. Arreguín Sánchez, M. Albañez-Lucero, He-Qin Cheng, V.H. Cruz Escalona, G. Daskalov, Hui Ding, E. González Rodríguez, J.J. (Sheila) Heymans, Hong Jiang, D. Lercari, C. López-Ferreira, J.A. López-Rocha, S. Mackinson, J.K. Pinnegar, N.V.C. Polunin, Jun Wu, Hai-Gen Xu and M.J. Zetina-Rejón, 2008.

Analysing ecosystem effects of selected marine protected areas with Ecospace spatial ecosystem models.

UBC, Fisheries Centre Research Reports, 16(2):67 p.

The researchers examined whether marine protected areas of different sizes would have effects on ecosystems and species warranting particular protection. The study zones can be seen on the world map to the right.

The comparison suggests no clear correlation between the size of the marine protected area (MPA) and its protective effect. MPAs established only to protect a specific species failed the test and may mean that an MPA without simultaneous limitation of fishing effort for the target species may not be effective. The study could not definitively solve the question of whether the size and location of MPAs need to be identified individually or whether broader rules can be established.