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World Oceans Day 2018 celebrations in Kribi, Cameroon

The celebrations had been well prepared by preparatory visits of Bénévoles des Océans, led by Mme Jeauberte Djamou, at the Schools forming part of the primary schools complex Kribi Centre.

The programmed celebrations were in two phases:

On the day itself, 8 June, the event at the primary school, Ecole primare d'application in Kribi Centre "Ocean" with its several sub-divisions rehearsed again what they had learnt about the ocean.

They underscored their commitment to address the need to keep it free from plastic pollution and other threats.

In recognition of their engagement, the kids who had participated in the Mundus maris Awards contest and the teachers supporting the awareness raising for World Oceans Day received honorary diplomas.

They were all encouraged to continue their learning and action to protect the ocean throughout the year.

The second leg of World Oceans Day celebrations took place the next day in a pirogue off the Ngoye beach of the seaside city of Kribi.

CamWater, the public water utility in Cameroon, supported the excursion.

Some 213 children swarmed out initially to clean the beach from debris with a special eye on collecting all plastic litter (see the group photo below with the sacs of collected garbage).

At the end of the successful clean-up, the children received some gifts to recognise their participation.

The environment expert of CamWater then explained the mission of the company in distributing water, provide sanitation and to ensure good water quality in its water distribution network to households across the country.

To conclude that part of the programme all kids received juice in reusable bottles offered by the breweries of Cameroon. A big thank you to all participants and the local company sponsors.