The preparations for World Oceans Day in Kribi, on the coast of Cameroon

Our partners in Cameroon, Bénévoles de l'Océan (Volunteers for the Ocean), have worked tirelessly to engage as many young people as possible with celebrating World Oceans Day. The central themes chosen by the United Nations for this year is protecting the ocean from plastic pollution and thus promote healthy living conditions for humans as well. In the primary school, Ecole primare d'application in Kribi Centre "Ocean", they met open doors.

Ms Jeauberte Djamou, heart and mind of Bénévoles de l'Océan, together with several volunteers, including Ms Kazumi Kato, have encouraged the pupils of several classes to test their knowledge with a little ocean quiz by Mundus maris and to engage practically for a healthy ocean. The directors did all they could to secure the success of the awareness activities:

  • Ms Lucie DJOKOUE, Director, EPA Kribi Centre Groupe l
  • Ms Anne Élise MBA, Director, EPA Kribi Centre Groupe 1A
  • Mr Dieudonné ONANA NKODO , Director, EPA Kribi Centre Groupe 1B
  • Ms Antoinette NBIFANE ELLA née MENDUGA, Director, EPA Kribi Centre Groupe III

Thus, Mr. Dieudonné Onana Nkodo promises to continue to sensitise the students to collect the plastic bottles and bring them to school so that the Volunteers will come to recycle them.

Ms Lucie DJOKOUE recalled the problems caused by plastic pollution, namely floods, waterborne diseases, etc. She offers to set up bins to collect plastic bottles and create ocean clubs in the schools.

Mrs Anne Élise MBA thinks the Volunteers need to do a quiz for parents so that work started in schools can continue in the homes. Next School Year the Volunteers must be there from September to help students participate in the National Materials Recovery Day scheduled for October 6, 2018. She also reminds of the need to place bins in the schools.

Ms Antoinette BIFANE EllA née MENDUGA did not mince her words: "We must ban plastic bottles, which cause a lot of problems to our oceans. It is necessary to multiply sessions of recycling of plastic bottles in the schools and extend the awareness raising in the homes."

The Ocean Volunteers' request for sponsorship by the city of Kribi on World Oceans Day was accepted. Congratulations and good luck then!

 Mme MBA Elise, Directrice, EPA Kribi Centre Groupe 1A