Lyceum 179 in Saint Petersburg is located in the northern part of Kalininskiy Rayon of the metropolis.

The area is rather green interspersed with large modern buildings.

The lyceum is a pubic school with primary and secondary sections, headed by Mrs. Lyudmila Batova.  

It has about 900 pupils and is renowned for its advanced studies of biology and chemistry. The school has modern equipment and offers experimental opportunities to the pupils from an early age.


For more than 20 years the lyceum has actively participated in the UNESCO Programme called 'Baltic Sea Project'. Its particular contribution has focused on monitoring water quality in the Gulf of Finland and along the coast in front of Saint Petersburg.

Pupils are encouraged to do projects and show the results of their experimental work in special exhibitions and open days to the school community and sometimes even to the wider public.

Ms. Anna Obukhovckaya is in charge of science methodologies. She is overseeing all the students' research work and is responsible for seminars, conferences and other events.

The teaching staff of the lyceum and students have seen the Mundus maris initiative under the auspices of Ms. Maria Damanaki, Member of the European Commission, to celebrate World Oceans Day 2014 together through joint production of a story told in video or Pecha Kucha format. They are interested in participation and would like to team up with a school in the Baltic region or - for that matter - anywhere in the world.


The Senior Students Club with pupils ranging from 13 to 17 years of age carries out various projects. These include chemical water analysis, nano-technology, work on alternative energy sources. The Club is now seeking one or more partners to co-produce a story in Pecha Kucha format in time for the celebrations of World Oceans Day 2014.

 The photos capture the team within the wider school community and their work on display.

The English Teacher, Ms. Alla Kushkha, is the focal point for World Oceans Day. She is happy to handle any queries for partnerships and help build the right 'chemistry' with other schools. Please contact her directly:

Ms. Alla Kushkha
Lyceum 179
Ushinskogo Street 35-2
Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.