The almost 200 dancers of the Ballet and Jazz Departments of TSV Reinbek and the Flamenco School Costa Cabral presented a versatile programme around the essence of life in the Sachsenwald Forum Reinbek, near Hamburg. In addition to the impressive staging of the beauty of nature, including its diverse flora and fauna, the project had a special, socially critical focus. It aimed at mediating a broad awareness for much needed environmental protection.

In their performances on 24 and 25 March 2018, the dancers impressed the audience with a fantastic flow of alternating fulminatingly acrobatic and poetically slow sequences. They represented the cycle of water from the first drops of rain to the mighty ocean. But the visitors also got a taste of the lurking dangers, if we do not effectively protect the water and the ocean. In the end, the message was hopeful. Together, we can manage.

Mundus maris supported the events with materials. Click here for more. Photos by Marta Poppe.