To go fishing or to learn at school? In the past, the reply to this question for young boys in fishing villages was straight forward: fo go fishing! But today, in the face of overexploitation of the ocean, the old and wise men promote going to school in order to open more chances to the kids.

The director of the primary school Hydrobase, Mr. Lamine Niasse, has an excellent shared understanding of these developments with the old fisher and president of the parents' association, Assane Gueye.

The school, located on the Barbary Peninsula where the fishers of St Louis and their family live, has obtained support from a Belgian non-profit association enabling the repair of a class room and a roof.

As is often the case in these fishing villages, the director and the other teachers are strongly committed, supported also by the parents, but the public resource allocations are insufficient to ensure good study conditions.


External support is therefore very useful so that the school can offer an attractive alternative to chld labour in the fisheries or in agriculture.

The director wants to develop a partnership with Mundus maris to continue on the path towards a maximum of opportunities for the pupils of his school.

He is, among others, committed to participate in the active dissemination and use of the teaching kit about the ecosystem approach to fisheries.

Read on what has recently been discussed and agreed between the director and the Mundus maris Club Senegal.