Slow Fish 2017: We are the net!

At the old port - Porto Antico - in Genoa from 18 to 21 May - This was the international event dedicated to fish and sea resources that combines conviviality with scientific knowledge and good practices, education to the taste of the commitment towards the protection of aquatic ecosystems.

Like every two years, Slow Fish - organised by the association Slow Food Italia and the Liguria Region, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and the Municipality of Genoa - lands at Porto Antico in Genoa with its protagonists. Paolo Properzi immortalized in the photo the martial opening of Dutch oysters that attracted much interest from the public. Quality food should be for everyone, a pleasure of taste and aesthetics, not to mention a whole culture that makes it possible as in the framed delicious anchovies below (Photo C.E. Nauen).

The programme of conferences, workshops, meetings and tastings was very rich and diversified. The network theme of the eighth edition of the event since 2004 "We are the net" has consolidated a set of knowledges, exchanges and relationships between hundreds of "nodes" for which Genoa is now an indispensable landmark: fishers, craftsmen and chefs from all over the world who meet to share and support a good, clean and fair approach to fisheries, marine biodiversity and freshwaters in good shape. Conferences were also back providing for in depth exchange by researchers, fishers and their spokespersons and institutional representatives of the major scientific issues at the heart of international debates - climate change, resource and waste exploitation. Efforts were made to use an accessible and direct language to ensure inclusiveness.

Slow Fish is the festival dedicated to anyone who wants to learn more about fish consumption and its effects on the health of people and ecosystems, on seas and rivers. The keys to its success are the playful approach based on the pleasure of food, and the simple language. For more information click here.