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Ocean protection is climate protection - Every second breath we take is from the ocean

Friday, September 27th, a sunny day, with the festive atmosphere of the beginning of the weekend, gathered a large crowd of people to demand action from the government and society to avoid faster climate change in Madrid. They were mostly young people, entire families, university groups, but also many of the older generation. The two unions UGT and CCOO, 300 environmental organisations and about 100 artists had joined the event and were present.

The demonstration went through the heart of Madrid, starting at 6:00 pm from Atocha Station, passing Paseo del Prado, Cibeles, Calle de Alcalá and Plaza del Sol. There was a great ideological diversity that all preceded peacefully, side by side, united by those about climate change.

A group of Mundus maris took part in the event with the slogan: We owe half of our breath to the ocean. THE PROTECTION OF THE SEA IS THE PROTECTION OF THE CLIMATE.

Check out the website of the Global Climate Strike for more pictures, information and video footage.