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Baldini's works sometimes use existing concepts or stereotypes in unusual ways.

They do so sometimes openly, sometimes more softly, inviting reflection and deepening.

In his bronze fountain, it is not the water that gives life to the fish, but it is a school of darting fish from which the water flows, the source of life, but that in turn requires being nurtured, cared for, admired.










We continue along the path of the semi-circular Via Biberatica, slightly uphill, and following the hilly landscape.

The wise architect from Damascus intervened only when necessary, excavating in the western part of the Quirinal Hill to make room for the forum, while modelling the remaining hillside into an amphitheater to accommodate the structure of markets.

Next to the some of the tabernae bronze monoliths are posted, inspired from Eastern Mediterranean art, which mark the beginning of the next section of the exhibition for the visitor.






According to Baldini, art should not be far from the person, not necessarily admired from a safe distance, observed only from afar.

His works are designed to be not only seen but also explored in their tactile qualities, appreciated by touch.

Also for this, the mosaics are not flat and are made from different materials: to be touched with the hand.











We have already seen how the vision of the works should to be accompanied whenever possible by tasting foods and the like.

We have just learned that the mosaics, the bronzes, the bas-reliefs want to be touched by the human hand.

Even more, they must be savored using all the senses.

These works in bronze, mounted on flexible metal rods, are bells.

The hand of the visitor who touches causes them to collide generating a random and unique harmonious sound.






At the entrance to every taberna are bowls, which, of course, are themselves also part of the works created for the exhibition.

They contain tissues impregnated with natural essences that evoke scents of the sea and the coasts lapped by the Mediterranean Sea in the visitor.

On special occasions, the visit of the exhibition is also accompanied by music tuned to the event.