Blomeyer, R., I. Goulding, D. Pauly, A. Sanz and K. Stobberup, 2012. The Role of China in World Fisheries. The European Parliament, Directorate General Internal Policies, Policy Department B Structural and Cohesion Policies - Fisheries. Brussels, 97 p.

This document aims to provide a broad perspective of China's fishing and related activities, and to support a better understanding of the role of China in world fisheries. The scope of the study is focused on China's marine capture fisheries, and covers the following subjects: the scale of Chinese catches, the state of the Chinese fleet, the role of China as an import/export country of fish products, the activities of Chinese fishing vessels on the high seas and in third country waters, and China and IUU fishing.

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The powerpoint presentation used for the EP Committee on Fisheries, 11 July 2012 is available here.