The woman and the ocean





When I was little, I watched as she tossed her fishing net into the ocean with all of her strength.
Barefooted, mama would walk in the sand, her hair braided she would wear a smile.

She was as attractive as a goddess. She was an idol that never was worshipped enough, the mini god that never rested.
She embraced the ocean just like every other woman; she took the pains and gains but concealed them whenever she saw my face.
Sometimes the ocean could betray a woman by not bringing enough fish yet, she goes back because we needed to survive.
While some days, we smile, laugh and feel excited because we have more than enough.
By the ocean, mama stood to say to me…

When I die, pour the ocean sand over my face that way the ocean would be my face and the very place i longed to be:




A woman!

Beautiful among all creations

She is like the calm waters and the stormy seas

Her power is like the strong waves of the ocean

A deep sea heart

Powerful beyond words that man can say

Formed from the finest bones

As strong as the rib pulled from the side of man

Made with the power of her own

A strength from within, hidden from sight of man

Mother of all creatures

The mother nature

The mother of all nations

She is like the depth of the ocean

The width of life

The first to greet the sun

The heartbeat of the earth

She flows in the delight of power and never does she hide her depths

She is a power in motion, cut across the history of life

She is sweet, soft and swift

Wealth of life can be fetched from between her lips

Her hips wriggle to the whispering songs of the winds, which is to the nerve of man a lotion

Her existence is the essence of our world

Indeed the image of our God

She has nothing to earn, yet her love she never refuses to lend

She is as calm as the ocean in its tides, as fine as the sands and as pure as the ocean's cool breeze along the sea shore

No matter how the world goes from her, they would always come back to draw peace from her

For her body is like the ocean always full of life

She is the ocean

I am the ocean.



Photo source: Md Reda


I am a woman!

I am beautiful, I am smart, I am pure, I am caring, yet so ambitious.

I am not tired of fighting because I am strong-willed

In me are nations… varieties.

Sometimes there are wars, sometimes unity, sometimes confusion, sometimes certainties.

Despite the different waves of emotions, I find my way through it all.

I stand firm, I stand strong regardless.

See! Look at me! Adorned with such beauty, such wealth, such regalia…

I have always been so caring, peaceful, and have good ambience

But! I don’t like what I have been through!

I have been bruised, mocked, scorned, disappointed, and I am even failing to provide the adequate services to humanity.

I don’t like what I have been through!

For tons and tons of plastic are being thrown at me each year.

With pollution on every side from human anthropogenic activities.

I don’t like what I am going through!

With incessant fishing, they use destructive equipment that waste living creatures that I protect, they damage my coral reef despite the fact that I provide the resources they need.

I don’t like what I am going through!

I am troubled on every side, yet not distressed, perplexed but not in despair, cast down but still, I remain indestructible.

I have been, and still I am going through all these turbulence, depression, disturbances and pressures… you name it, yet nothing changes me.

I am blessed with all the treasures of the earth; adorned with such beauty, such wealth, such regalia… can you recall?

It doesn’t matter how you see me, no! it doesn’t matter at all, because I remain unchanging. I will always be me. I will always be around till the end.

Beat against me, throw things at me, and pounce on me. Whatever you do, I will still be standing! Because I have been built, fashioned and carefully crafted for tough times such as this!

I am a woman! I am the ocean! And I remain unchanging despite all odds.

These are my cogitations.



Afolabi Adetoun Adebunmi (Teacher). Age: 38

Adeyemi Adesumbo Elizabeth (Student), Age:22

Tinuoye Oluwafunsho Olawale (Student), Age:24

Abiodun Kikelomo Omolola (Student), Age:25

Onuh Chidinma Sophea (Student), Age: 25


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