Omisoore village is an small settlement that has a large body of water that serves a lot of purposes e.g. as source of food, income and entertainment ground etc. This is why the village was named Omisoore (water does good). There lived a poor widow in the village named Omisewa. Her husband died years back of drowning while carrying out his daily business of fishing and she was left with two children.

Omisewa is a beautiful woman who is also a skilled fisher along her late husband. Dayo and Kemisola, Omisewa's children help her in her fishing business.

The family solely depends on the water body for a living, i.e. as a source of income. She inherited her passion for fishing from her late parents and husband. She catches fish and bring home for smoking while her two children hawk the processed fish after school.

One day, she went to the water to catch fish but the thought of money and the ambition to sponsor her children's education took grip of her heart. She said in her thought, "do I accept the offer of Mr. Arowolo to be his 4th wife? at least he promised to take care of my chidren's education". But she screamed out, No!!! I will remain diligent in my work and hope for God's blessing. At the end of the day, she caught a huge fish with the help of a woman unknown to her. The woman warned Omisewa not to sell the fish
but wait for the wonder of the fish. She thought about this and then decided to keep to keep the fish in her house waiting for the wonder.

The next day, she was tired waiting as the dead fish was becoming rotten. She tried to cut the fish with a knife, but it was as strong as a rock. Then she tried opening the fish through the mouth and the wonder was revealed to her. She found a huge sum of money in the fish's mouth. Omisewa then perceived that the woman she met was not a natural being. This marked the beginning of the poor widow's family rise as her business continued to flourish.

Five years later, Dayo the eldest child got admission into the university to study Marine Science. There he learnt about the Baduka fishing festival. During the festival, skilled fishers engage in fishing with the contest. Dayo remembered what happened to his family five years ago. Without uch hesitation, he registered his mother for the competition.

To cut the long story short, Mrs Omisewa won the contest. Being the first female winner, she was asked to make a request after the prize money was awarded to her. She quickly requested for funding of her children's education. The organisers miraculously granted scholarship for the two children up to Doctorate degree level.

Mrs Omisewa from her life story became a mentor to so many mothers. Her greatest quote is that "Odo to ba gbagbe orisun re yoo gbe" which means a river that forgets its source will dry up. This is why she still practises fishing till date.

What a brave woman!!!


Popoola Kemisola Elizabeth

Category : Children

14 Years

Government Senior Secondary School, Bwari, Abuja