Ocean holds almost 97% of all the water resources on the earth planet. Every year statistic shows that the size of the ocean kept increasing as the land side reduces. Women as Ocean is concerns have saved much life in my local area name Limbe Cameroon. Women get up in the morning and prepared food for the family and ready themselves for fishing. What a man can do a woman can do it better. So the fishes are being fish and export to the high grace land for consumptions, some women are being employed only for preparing the fishes ready them for sales. Others purchase fishes around the ocean selling point and walk around the neighboring town and distribute them for whole sales. This has save as a source of food, wealthy to the people of area including my family. People travails from other part of the country, neighboring country to purchase fishes fish my women. Ocean is a place where fresh air and positive thinking about life, lovers, family problems are been solves. The ocean banks save as a touristic side and market for many people in the area specially women.


Fishing today has brought good memories to my family. Educational, healthiness today in my area is because of women fishing organization. (Limbe women fishing community) LWFC. This community has helped many of our generation both male and female to further their education and work in big offices. My sister because of fishing she is working today. These communities have helped many people to educate them to a greater high like university. At times ocean over flow its banks and carried fishes to the land and women and men fight over it for their life. It is a continue business from our generation to generation.


The tradition of my community is that women fish have a certain quantity they give to the palace. This is to have traditional protection in the ocean when they are fishing. Little taxes are been placed to the women than men for the development of the area like road construction to facility transportation of fishes to the markets. Every year the fishing women have a fishing festival cerebration for the almighty god to provide, good catching of fishes on their net next season. And to protect the women for any accident during fishing.

Air from the ocean purifies the climate for the good living of my people. The research on nature is that good air came from the ocean and provide climate for the people. The culture still remains constant as many people believe on the tradition before fishing. The woman ocean should organize conference for the women to work with happiness for the development of the country. Scientific method of fishing should supply to some part of the ocean area where fishing is been considered as source of income. Some women lack of good road to transport fishes to the market so Women Ocean should organize a union national worldwide for the greater improvement of fishing technique. 



The size of the fishes caught on the nets should be control in order to protect fishes life cycle in water in the ocean. Some time the ocean will over flow and destroy people house and animal. So people should not stay around the ocean. Fishing and animal railing is only culture in my area. Every year some people lose their life for fishing by other dangerous animal living in waters.

Since I was born I have been leaving with fishing as our source of income and I hope the women ocean will ameliorate our fishing area, why not touristic attraction side. Our ocean bank has been come one touristic side as women and men came from distance place for swimming, and to see how women fishes and provide foot for the children.

My imagination for the future world is that women fishing in my area should create organization as to create interrelationship with other ocean fishing area for the exchange of ideas. In some ocean area, women fish with basket because of poor way of leaving to have greater technique for fishing. The women ocean should organize union to protect the fishes in the water because plastic, rubber paper, in some area are been dump in river which are then transported to the ocean. In the ocean the plastic can react with acidic nation of the ocean and kill many fishes and animals. Below are some pictures of plastic dump in waters.



Plastic in ocean



Kumbu Tracy Kwendun

Category: Children

12 Years

COSBI (Complex School Bilingual Emmaus) Yaounde