Women and Ocean




As a kid I always thought about what could be lurking in the water just below our feet. It gladdens my heart when thinking about all that is swimming near us without it noticing that we have spotted it. The ocean is a vast, scary but beautiful world that we know very little about. It’s amazing and fascinating how the ocean connects to every part of the universe, covering more than one third of the earth. The ocean has an undefined and unquantified beauty that can mostly be describe to that of a woman.


 The ocean covers several thousands of square kilometers of the entire earth surface and thousands species of animals lives and depend on the ocean for survival. The ocean is very helpful to us in many ways, and every country benefits from it, one way or the other, ranging from transportation, tourism, recreational sights, fishing, research work among many others. The ocean is beautiful and even more gorgeous inside just like a woman.


Beauty of the sea

Women are fascinating and more gorgeous when you get to know more about them. Women always try to work hard to see that she has a clean, safe and healthy home and she always wants it to remain that way. Dirt’s destroys beauty, it attracts various harmful micro-organisms which takes away the peace that the woman desires for her home, the ocean just like the woman wants to be a harm free home for all aquatic animals irrespective of their size. Let's help the ocean by not putting dirt's into it, let's help keep the ocean clean by playing the role of the woman.

Kelechi03Death caused by pollution

 Millions of aquatic animals die each year due to sea pollution as a result of oil spillage, wrongful deposition of waste products from companies and homes, depositing off plastic, debris, nylon bags about others in our little water ways at our community or backyards finds its way into our oceans, and they just don't go away easily causing lots of deaths when consumed.


Plastics and debris just don’t go away easily when it comes in contact with water ways, it takes over four centuries for plastic bottles to depose and over two cades for nylon bags to decompose and more than six centuries fishing lines to decompose. To avoid plastic debris from entering into our oceans begins with you and me. Let's help keep a plastic free waterway.

Women are lovely and they show it to everyone around, the ocean just like the woman wants to be loved. When we love a woman we do all that is within our powers to care for her. Let's help the ocean by keeping it free of pollutants regardless of how small it might be because every mighty dirt's starts with a single piece. It may not be easy put it wots giving a try.

Women are passionate about so many things in life and they love to do things that will always keep them fit and healthy and hence they love and spend most of their time doing things to look beautiful and they can spend money on anything that will make them look beautiful. If the ocean is not properly taken care of will have an old look and will not be attractive because all harmful, toxic, and dirty substances will help give it an ugly look plus it might begin to stink and smell. Let's help keep dirt's away from our oceans.

Last month Galveston County News reported the death hundreds of birds, fish, dolphins and sea turtles, though Morris said the large amount of carcasses could be as a result of the chemical fire in Deer Park in March, which caused thick, black smoke to fill the air, and in that incident pollutants leaked into the air and waterways. Though Biologists took water samples to verify the true caused of the disaster, KVUE reported. In another development, Residents in a community north of Brisbane were troubled by the sudden deaths of thousands of fish in their local lake, though an independent biologist consulted carried out series of experiments, the biologist said the death is as a result of algae bloom in the water. Also thousands of fish died in Byberry Creek in Philadelphia as a result of ammonia that leaked into the water pipe belonging to HP HOOD LLC, as reported by Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in United States.
Chemicals are harmful to aquatic life. Every year millions of aquatic animals die a result of harmful substance that flows into the oceans, thus making it toxic and reduces the oxygen inside the water. The desire of a woman is to live in a home where she can be comfortable. The ocean wants to continue to remain habitable. Let's help the ocean remain that way. Let us say no to oil spillage, testing of nuclear weapons in the ocean, regular disposing of harmful water or toxic from ship among many others. Let's say No to sea pollution.

Role of woman.
Women have over decades improve research in the all aspect of life particularly in the maritime sector and underwater research. Jayne Jenkins a photographer/consultant said though it was easy for her to join into diving which she terms as female trying to enter into a male world was very challenging not until she moved to Australia at age 19. Jayne is now a profound safety diver of various underwater a photography and photographic adventures, she is also an editor for scuba diver magazine and she has encouraged several ladies her to take the scuba lessons. Sylvia Earle Oceanographer, Marine Biologist, Author, and Lecturer she won the 2009 TED Prize, and she is a tireless advocate for our oceans


exploring it for more than six decades. Saving the ocean has always been her mission and she made it her life’s purpose to educate the world on how we can all join hands together and save our oceans that are currently dying rapidly. Sylvia is one of the most inspirational women living today that have greatly encouraged the female folks to take up careers in the marine world.


As the world is advancing in technology and all the heavy ship building companies are producing giant ships and increasing the pollution at sea, plans and technology should also be built and facilitated to help tackle the pollution at sea even the underwater pollutants.


Suggestions on how to reduce ocean pollution

♥ Sailors and captains should be properly educated on the dangers of disposing harmful water and waste of any kind of damage it may cause.

Research institutes for marine underwater research and other marine studies should be equipped and funded effectively to enhance a comprehensive deep underwater research studies.

♥ Heavy and medium size companies or industries should regulate and reduce the level of dangerous gases they release into the atmosphere as it has over time resulted to the formation of acidic rain, causing the mysterious death of most aquatic animals over the years.





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