Women play active roles in fishing


Life by most people is believed to have arises from the ocean, the ocean is massive it covers a
large percentage of the planet compared to land. The ocean houses a wide number of living
organisms making it one of the major sources of food, a good example is fish which is a major
source of protein. The ocean also contains raw materials that can serve for source of income
and even sustain the economy of a country.

The ocean also serves for recreation, where we can
relax and have plenty of fun, places like the each is a good example also some sports like
surfing, yacht racing and so on. Because of all this man must ensure that the ocean remains
perfect and conserved so that it can be around, productive and useful now and in the future,
but this essay will be highlighting the role of women in managing ocean resources and will focus
on fishing.

Though fishing has been considered to be a masculine profession since inception, it is no news
that women have become aster in this profession also the have supported thee men in areas
they have overlooked and have improved the fishing system.

The fishing net is arguably the most important tool of any rural fisherman, it is the most
effective method of fishing and a lot of fishes are caught at ones. Fishing nets are mostly made
from fibers woven in grid like structure, women are employed by their husbands or work
willingly with their husbands to help the family save cost from employing someone to do it.
Most of the women that are born and brought up in rural areas can weave especially in areas
with high population of fishermen, also thousands of fish spoil and are discarded as a result of
spillage, but women now take the fishes and further process them so that they can be
available for a longer period. Women gather these fishes from the fishermen then they clean
them after which the will dry, fry or smoke them.

These helps to preserve the fish for a longer
period of time. Women also serve as free labour to fishermen, most of the times their
husbands, as they help to save money for the family.
women in these areas follow their husbands on fishing trips to help with errands while on the
trips, they help with mending of nets or even the both, they also help to remove water that
enters the boat so the husband can concentrate on fishing.

After catching the fishes, they stand
in as marketers and traders to ensure that the fish is ready for sale, preserving the fish most
times does not only improve its shelf life, it also improves the value of the fish, so it can be sold
at a higher price to make money for the family and not having to pay for extra labour. After the
fishing trip the woman also takes care of the boat ensuring that any leaking part is repaired.

The above explains briefly the role of some of the women in fishing system, which is very
important and delicate. Imagine the women are not involved it sure will affect the fishing
system. So, encourage women today.



Favour Ayano

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