Woman and ocean


 OH! How beautiful the ocean is
Just like the elegance of a woman
OH! The Ocean is like a great flower
That represents the dignity of a woman

Have you ever heard the voice of the ocean
It is as sonorous as that of women
Pleasing to the ears of a human
A melody to the heart of men

A look at how women care for their offsprings
Tell me of how the ocean care for its creatures
A habitat for creature with gills
A womb for wonderful offsprings

Boredom never exists with the ocean
Just as how women bring fun to our hearts
With the smile she implant on our faces
With the smile the ocean bring to me

Tell me of all your problems
And I’ll take you to the ocean
Release your thoughts to a woman
And she will solve them to the care!



Abiodun Victor

Category: Youth

Age: 17

Futa staff Secondary School