Started in 2010 by Mr. Idowu Hunyinbo, this year's Fish Party event focused on the topic "Impacts of climate change on fisheries and food security". Stella Williams, Vice President of Mundus maris, was the keynote speaker at the celebrations which were held at Lagos State University (LASU) on Saturday, 9 November. Climate change is the big disruptor in fisheries and many other marine and coastal conditions and activities as sea level rise, acidification, lack of oxygen, storm surges and other effects impact on ecosystems and people's lives and habitats.

In country after country fishers note that traditional fishing grounds are not reliable any more, species move away when the water gets warmer and contains less oxygen, if they can. The changes are felt more and more in people's ordinary lives.

Stella gave a broad overview of the many facets this already takes and what more may be coming. Small-scale fishers and particularly women in the sector are more vulnerable than some other professions not only from climate change but also from reduced resources resulting from overfishing by industrial vessels and other economic trends that also affect food security. So she also highlighted that Mundus maris is supporting the development of small-scale fisheries academy as a multi-stakeholder platform and safe space for joint learning, co-prducing knowledge and solutions to challenges to SSF.

The on-going pilot phase in Senegal helped to gather experiences which could be shared in other countries. The slides can be seen here.

Most questions and comments in the ensuing one-hour long discussion by the approximately 150 participants focused on the SSF academy and whether it could also be useful in Nigeria.

At the end of the event, the speaker and supporters were honoured by being dressed up with Badagry dresses called Paka. That consists of a loin cloth wrapped round the body and held in place at the right shoulder.

Mr. Idowu Hunyinbo originates from the Badagry area, where fishing is a major economic activity as part of a strong marine and coastal culture. He has felt and worked close to the fishers throughout his professional life and started the fish party as an annual event to promote fish consumption for healthy lives and ecosystems. He is working for the Federal Department of Fishery (FDF) based in Victoria Island, Lagos.