Sunday without cars is a much loved event on the Brussels agenda encouraging families, cyclists and all manner of groups into taking over streets and parks all around town. Mundus maris staffed again an information stand at Merode attracting much attention and a good number of conversations with by-passers.

Throughout the day four volunteers in their Mundus maris T-shirts and armed with good humour and flyers in several languages offered information on climate-friendly mobility, the importance of marine protection and the connections with climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Quite a number of people stopped for discussion, wrote their name and e-mail down to receive more info and our monthly newsletter and many more took the flyers.

Compared to last year, we heard a lot of people listing all the concrete measures they had already taken to change their own routines in order to save energy and send a signal to business and politics to change as well for transitions towards sustainability.

Blessed with sunshine throughout the day, the upcoming rain in the evening accelerated the end as everybody was running for cover. Such car-less Sundays would be welcome more frequently. See you all again at latest in September 2020 for another "Dimanche sans voiture".