Last Thursday, September 19, 2019, an excellent debate was held between students from various thematic studies throughout the University of Belgrano, who gathered to participate in a role play interpreting the different parties in a conflict of interests

arising from the production, use, waste and contamination with plastic materials, heavy metals and agrochemicals in the seas. Starting from different disciplinary approaches, the participants presented interesting consensus proposals in order to mitigate the environmental problems raised, guided by the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda. It was a great success.

The workshop proposal arose from the Biological Sciences Department as a contribution towards the Week of Science and Technology of Argentina, within the framework of the agreement between Mundus maris and the University of Belgrano. A group of students and graduates led by Prof. Marcelo Morales Yokobori, and with the collaboration of Mg. Carolina Castellanos Arévalo, Carla Bonelli and the students of the Chair of Ecology and Conservation, produced the scripts for the introductory video that can be seen here, while also serving as coordinators during the activity.


The support of Mundus maris, especially for the production of the documentary, and the university authorities for providing the means for this large event were highly appreciated.