The visit of the Mundus maris club in Akure, Nigeria, to T.A. Afolayan Wildlife Reserve Park of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria, on 20 April 2019 was a welcome opportunity to explore different facets of nature conversation. The aim of the reserve park is to protect the ecological integrity of the remaining rainforest ecosystem within its conservation area. The park provides the opportunity to interact with nature such that visitors are allowed to enter under special consideration for educational, recreational and inspirational purposes. Among its core objectives is conservation awareness creation. It is noteworthy that it combines both in-situ and ex-situ conservation measures.

Dr. Lydia M. Adeleke, convener of the outing, the visit was a reconnaissance excursion for the club. However, it was also an avenue for the participants to understand the importance of nature and appreciate its beauty. The visit aimed at imparting the love for the environment and passion to the participants in order to engage in conserving the gifts of nature. Some of the wildlife staff took the participants to several areas of the park and spoke to them on the need for the conservation of our natural environment. Since them, arrangements to visit the coastal areas in subsequent outings are underway.

Participants were Ms Enoch Iyanu Oluwa and Ms Enoch Rebecca, Joseph Boluwatife, Komolafe Kehinde, Adeleke Aniointed, Komolafe Taye, Adeleke Blessed and friends from Aquinas College, Akure.

Text by Dr. Lydia M. Adeleke, photos courtesy the author and Master Komolafe Kehinde..