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The video jury

This year we're testing something new by creating the opportunity for submitting videos to connect audiences to the Motto "Healthy Ocean, Healthy Planet". We are proudly presenting the international jury for the Special Prize of the Jury.

The Jury is chaired by renowned underwater videographer Danny van Belle.

Danny van Belle

Danny van Belle is an award-winning Belgian underwater photographer and videographer working with his wife Caroline as a "spotter" to document the beauty of marine life, particularly in the tropics. Every two years, he organises the HUGYCUP underwater photography competition. The next edition is scheduled for 2017.

Dr. Claudia Wosnitza-Mendo

Dr. Wosnitza-Mendo is a German Scientist working since 1978 with the Peruvian Marine Institute (IMARPE). During the last years before retirement she was an advisor to the Scientific Director of IMARPE. Her main field of investigation is related to fisheries issues, introducing fish population dynamics courses in the curricula of various Peruvian universities and doing research for sustainability and fisheries management. Ultimately she also entered the field of Climate Change impact on fisheries. Among others, she collaborated for some years (2005-2008) with INCOFISH, an international research collaboration, a Star Project sponsored by European Union.

Mathilde Jounot

Mathilde Jounot is a scriptwriter and film director as well as a movie producer. She was a journalist in a press magazine and author awarded the literary prize by Nausicaa. She then specialised in directing documentaries and in screenwriting for films. Her last movie was launched in March 2016 at the Fishermen's film festival in Lorient titled "Océans, la voix des invisibles".