To you as a friend of our planet, the ocean and of fellow-humans,


Invitation: Be part of the UN Climate Summit with Mundus maris

You are invited to participate in “A Sea of Ideas for the UN Climate Summit”.

What: Share the change for addressing climate change

How to make your message:

  • Put all your imagination and energy for making a wonderful and very clear contribution
  • Be informed on the problems of the sea (pollution, animals and plants in danger...) and talk with your family, teachers and friends...
  • Think carefully about the situation and start now to make your contribution:
  1. Take a paper (A4 or similar). If you prefer use a computer (and use power point, word etc).
  2. Draw a HORIZON in the middle of the paper or file. Your paper now has the sky and the sea.
  3. Write your name, age, school and country on the SKY.
  4. Write/draw on the SEA your proposals and ideas for helping the planet.
  5. Add colours, illustrations and all you consider helpful for your message.

How to send your message:


  1. Take a good digital photo (JPG) of your work (or ask the teacher/family to do that) or use a scanner (JPG). If you worked directly on your computer (PPT, JPG or Word format).
  2. Send the file of your document (PPT, JPG or Word) before 10 November 2015 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Your work will be part of a virtual exhibition during the UN Climate Summit and be shared on the internet (websites).

Many thanks. You are really important and unique. You will inspire the world with your ideas.

For adults, sign the Climate Agreement together with many other citizens so that our leaders will do so too.

Watch the short video on the YouTube channel of Mundus maris produced with some of the entries.