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Climate march with the heart in front of the cathedral in Cologne


Citizens gathered in Cologne to demonstrate their love for renewables in front of the famous cathedral. As the symbolic colour of sustainability is green, many demonstrators had posters or dresses flagging green as their preferred way to run the economy, especially the energy economy.

They protested against continued subsidies and special permits for the world-wide dirtiest fossil fuel production and use in Garzweiler I and II, nearby. This open cast mine of lignite run by RWE is a shame for the entire country. Not only does it transform vast areas of the entire countryside for ever, it obliges people to move entire villages, changes the water balance and the climate. The net energy gain is minimal compared to the damage. Hanging on to it is over and over "justified" by maintaining jobs and improving energy supply in Germany.

But the fact of the matter is that there is oversupply of energy. Energy intensive bauxit (aluminium) smelters e.g. have had their energy bills slashed by 1% over the last years, while citizens pay 38% more on average. If the same amount of state aid had been invested in economic activities fit for the future, more jobs would have been created without the constant fear of loosing the rear-guard battle and having to give in to the evidence. Time to stop throwing good money after bad.

Mundus maris was there, one member holding up the Mundus maris poster during the march.

The event excelled through some special effects. At one point, participants formed a human heart and sang protest songs creating a unique festive and hopeful atmosphere. Watch the video of this magic moment. Let elected governments finally listen to their citizens and act to protect our climate in Cologne, in Germany and around the world!