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NGO Forum

The NGO Forum was originally planned for the outside, but had to be moved inside because of the winter weather. The Mundus maris team was composed of Aliou Sall, Stella Williams, Awa Seye and Cornelia Nauen engaging with the visitors and distributing information materials.

The message about protecting babyfish from being caught was well taken and understood.

The fishruler for the North Sea was helpful for illustrating what that meant for ex. for cod, the legal size of which is 35 cm total length, while the individuals in the population in the North Sea reach reproductive size only at about 68 cm, almost twice the legal minimum.

Most people were very surprised to learn about the extent of the malpractice.

Quite a number of people expressed their interest in the work of the association and some new collaborations may well come about as a result of the interactions at the stand.