This was a great day for climate protection. On 15 September, 250,000 people turned out in 250 cities and towns in Germany alone demanding Climate Justice NOW!. Many more shouted out this demand around Europe and across the globe. Fridays For Future and countless supporters in civil society, trade unions and a wide range of scientists, artists, and green and blue activists took to the streets. On Sunday, some other marches are scheduled in Brussels, Belgium, and other places. Mundus maris supported the renewed drive demanding governments to stop fossils and rather throw their support decisively behind renewables. An unbelievable 440 Billion USD have been invested over the last months in new fossil extractions on land and in the sea!

This is aggravating the increasing number of catastrophic events. From almost 200 dead from inundations in Germany two years ago, to likely many more than 10,000 people washed into the sea and killed in other ways in Libya now. The UN estimates two million people's lives lost already to climate change effects - heat waves and drought, extreme downpours with inundations, grail storms and hurricanes. We must stand together and stop the folly. Together we can do it.